What happens during a clairvoyant reading?

A reading is usually a one-hour session, where I go into a light trance and using spiritual tools communicate to you the spirit and your body.

I suggest asking one or two important questions you have come with, for example, wanting answers, certainty, clarification or perhaps a next step on some aspect of your life. Ask a better question and you will get a better answer

As I read your aura, I can see energy patterns and mental image pictures having to do with your questions. Often your question is a starting point to deeper aspects of the answers you are seeking.

I provide a perspective different from traditional counseling that can provide a very powerful catalyst for change in a person’s life. If you have never had a reading, I invite you to experience the magic of one to one spiritual communication.


Order a Clairvoyant Reading

Your reading/healing includes either a CD or Mp3 download of your session

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